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World News: Cancer Patients May Live Longer With Marriage

World News: Cancer Patients May Live Longer With Marriage

Is it really so, that cancer patients may live longer with marriage as per a new study in the United States on the relationship between wedlock and health as it has been a key factor for the survival of most patients living with the deadly disease cancer. How are the citizens of United States and the whole world take this news?
This new study that have been conducted shows that a single unmarried cancer patient living alone has a lower surviving rate as compared to one that is married and live together with the spouse as marriage has been associated with the high rates at which cancer patients survive.

Nearly eight hundred thousand (800,000) adults were examined and diagnosed in the state by researchers from the Cancer Prevention Institute of California and the University of California in San Diego among which these 800,000 people were diagnosed with invasive cancer between the year 2000 and 2009. Then was there also a followed up on the progress of the health of the patients until the end of the year 2012.
The academics then reported the outcome of the followed up health progress in which both men and women seemed to benefit from marriage. For the men there was a twenty seven (27) percentage high number of deaths with the unmarried ones as compared with the married.

The rate with women was nineteen(19) percent high among the unmarried ones as the size of the effect wasn't the same for both sexes, their ethnicity and also race.

It was also revealed by the study that the people of Chinese, Indian or Japanese descent that is the Pacific and the Asian Islander group of cancer patients who happened to be born in the United States were those that had an advantage greater than those who were born outside the country.
In China over two million people lose their lives to this deadly cancer disease every year as reported by the General Secretary of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association.

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