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Ghana News: Will Ported Vodafone Ghana Customers Return with their new #MOVE?

Will Ported Vodafone Ghana Customers Return with their new #MOVE?

Do you think this is a smart move and is it going to work for the network? Are you a ported customer of the telecommunication giant Vodafone Ghana Network and are you going to return with their new marketing plan named '#MOVE'? Or will you join them as a new customer? Well let's find out now.
Not only is the mobile network targeting its former or ported customers but also to attract new customers to their network to give the power back to them with their '#MOVE' marketing plan.  

This new campaign is going to add to more value to its already valued-added services and a 3G+ internet speed package including voice clarity and other valuable packages.
With the non-customers of the Vodafone mobile network the company seeks for them to join them as this '#MOVE' campaign gives them a chance to experience a better service.
Are you aware of the fact that Vodafone Ghana as a company for the past years have injected over 700 million dollars into the networks' technogical underlying base or foundation to meet the current trends. The company also made it know to the Daily graphic it has now expanded it's capacity and it's now ready to receive new customers.
In making this information known to new customers as to what to expect in joining Vodafone was a world-class service. 

Miss Agnes Emefa Essah who is the director of marketing at Vodafone Ghana revealed all this in a statement with daily graphic. She also stated that in every competitive telecommunication environment in the world the only differentiative ingredient is the network communication and that with Vodafone Ghana their network combined with their superior offers us their key factors.
She continued to add that they were rated as the best in accessibility, 3G+ internet speed and voice clarity by a report made P3 which happens to be an independent consulting enterprise in the year 2015.
source: graphic online

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