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World News: A Chinese Teenage Girl dies Taking Selfie Near A Railway Track

A Chinese Teenage Girl dies Taking Selfie Near A Railway Track

A 19-year old Chinese girl met her untimely death when she was taking a selfie near a rail way track.
She obviously wanted that perfect shot but she ended losing her life. She had no chance of analysing how good the shot would be.
In the Guangdong Province , the southern part of China is located the city Foshan where this teenage girl was taking her selfies. Getting slammed down by an oncoming train as she was posing to take a photograph.

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The incident happened on Saturday afternoon. According to the report of a local medical officer, the unknown girl with her back against the train tracks covered with flowers as her background was taking photographs of herself as reported also in a Guangdong based newspaper Foshan daily

A Chinese Teenage Girl dies Taking Selfie Near A Railway Track

The staff at the hospital continued to add that upon the arrival of the nameless girl at that hospital, it was discovered that she had died on the spot of the incident before the ambulance arrived.
As in accordance with the media report,in fact the teenager was warned by a bystander who witnessed as the accident happened but she refused, thus going on to take the deadly photograph that made her meet her death as the site is considered as a popular attraction among locals because the train in the spring season is covered by a sea of roses.
It cannot be entered on a list that taking selfies is an official cause of death but it has been a key factor in many mistakes over the past two years.
It has been revealed by priceonomics which is a US-based data crunching website that since the year 2014 there had been at least Forty nine(49) deaths related to selfie and also with the average age of these victims is twenty-one (21)years with men having the 75% of the total.

Also according to the website the country which tops with selfie-related deaths is India.

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